Call Dispatch at 655-7851 for domestic animal issues

Call Cumberland County Communications Center to reach the Game Warden Service for wild animals at 744-1444 x 5.



November 10, 2011


Town of Raymond – Office of Animal Control


Raymond residents are urged to us caution and report any sightings of a possible feral dog roaming in the area of North Raymond,Valley, and Ledge Hill Roads. Residents are urged to use caution with respect to protection of domestic animals, such as cats, dogs and all small farm animals, particularly fowl. Please DO NOT approach this animal and report any sightings to Animal Control Officer Susan Fielder at 1-800-501-1111. The Town is actively working to live-trap this animal and remove it from the area. Thank you for your cooperation.


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August 26, 2014
First Day of School!


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